Travel Industry: Creating a Stress-Free Trip

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As more and more businesses look to call centers to handle their customer service needs, most people dread contacting businesses for assistance. The fear of not understanding the agent who answers, being repeatedly transferred or even worse, not having their issue solved or concern properly addressed. In any industry, one stressful experience can tarnish the… Read more »

Why Your Business Needs After Hours Answering Services

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Building a strong relationship with our customers means that we are there when they need us at any hour. In today’s connected world, our customers expect 24/7 availability from the companies they do business with. When customers feel that they need your assistance with something, they may reach out via phone, and if their call… Read more »

Service Spotlight: Emergency Call Dispatching

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In our modern and connected world, customers expect their questions to be answered quickly and thoroughly. Questions can arise at any time and the sooner they’re answered, the happier and more secure the customer will feel with your business and services. But as you know, being available 24/7 isn’t possible without staffing your office, every… Read more »

Holiday Phone Coverage Made Easy

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Although many businesses are closed for parts of the holiday season, they usually see an increase in customer calls throughout this time. Answering customers’ calls, returning customers’ messages and scheduling appointments, among many other phone-related tasks, can be particularly difficult for businesses during the holiday season. Often, understaffed offices can lead to phone line backups,… Read more »

Service Spotlight: Event Registration

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No matter the nature or size of your event, organizing and planning takes a lot of complex work, and the responsibility often rests upon the shoulders of an individual or small team. These duties include choosing sites and times, creating program content, deciding on catering options and many other logistics. One simple and effective way… Read more »

Responsive Answering Service: Professional Answering Services

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Running a successful business takes time, effort and the assistance of a highly qualified staff. In today’s business world, constant contact with customers is an absolute must, yet it is easy to let day-to-day operations overwhelm your ability to communicate with customers. One effective solution to meet your customers’ every communication need is to enlist… Read more »

Industry Spotlight: Medical

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Patients call medical offices for a variety of reasons: to schedule appointments, ask medical questions, discuss prescriptions, and sometimes to report medical emergencies. Accordingly, most medical offices contend with a constant stream of calls throughout the day. This high volume of calls can lead to unanswered or unreturned calls, resulting in frustrated patients. Routine scheduling… Read more »

Inbound Call Center Services: Virtual Receptionists

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“82% [of customers] say that getting their issue resolved quickly is the number one factor to a great customer experience.” – LivePerson In the market, a competitive advantage is gained when a business stands out from the rest. One way of doing this is through the implementation of a superior call answering system that handles… Read more »