Small Business Call Screening & Answering Services

If you’re important to your business it’s very likely you’ll receive and make many phone calls throughout the day. Since your business is not just about making or receiving phone calls you’ll likely need a call screening service to screen through many calls in order to get work done.

Responsive Answering can screen your calls so you talk with whom you want and when you want.  Our state of the art systems will notify our operators about your call screening preferences. We will only transfer the callers you request and update your lists on a day by day basis.

A great advantage and difference about our call screening service is that all your callers will be greeted by a live person and not your voicemail. This will make your customers and potential clients feel important whilst also making you a very professional service provider.

If you provide us with a list of allowed numbers, our call screening service operators will only transfer calls from those numbers to you. All other callers will be asked to leave a message which will be sent to you in the electronic delivery method of your choice: SMS, E-mail, Voicemail, Fax.

You can decide when you want to receive your call list and messages; instantaneously, every hour, or at the end of the day.

Responsive’s call screening answering service is designed to filter your routine calls. Our operators are highly trained and have the experience and knowledge to separate your “day to day calls” from your urgent or emergency ones.

How it all works?

Callers with routine non-emergency calls are directed to call during regular office hours. Emergency calls are directed to our operators who take them and immediately clear them with our client.

Reducing the number of calls our operator handle reduces the invoice to our client.