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Emergency Call Dispatching Answering Services
In our modern and connected world, customers expect their questions to be answered quickly and thoroughly. Questions can arise at any time and the sooner they’re answered, the happier and more secure the customer will feel with your business and services. But as you know, being available 24/7 isn’t possible without staffing your office, every hour of each day.

When critical issues arise and your customers need to reach you, they don’t care what time it is. By partnering with a knowledgeable answering service, you ensure that your customer calls are answered as soon as they are received.

Reliable Dispatching – Route the Right Calls at the Right Time

Whether you’re a technology company, a medical office, or a plumber – problems may arise at any hour. But some customers may take advantage of your availability and call an emergency line just to ensure an answer. An answering service can filter these calls and only pass on the true emergencies. By doing so, you will keep your customers happy, your business running smoothly, and your life free of unnecessary interruptions.

Record Calls for Safe Keeping and Quality Assurance

No matter when the call comes in and what their issue is, you may want to reference the call to ensure it was handled properly and that information exchanged followed protocol. Referencing your customers’ calls at a later date can help with training and coaching your staff to understand what is an emergency call versus what is a frantic customer.

Missing out on emergency calls will cost you money. Customers, who have an issue that needs to be fixed, will seek out other companies with more flexible options. By partnering with an answering service, you ensure that your business will never miss a call without the need to be tethered to your phone at all hours.

Responsive Answering Service can assist you and your staff in managing emergency calls any time of the day or night. Contact us today and we can develop a plan for your business.