After Hours Call Answering & Message Delivery Services

Responsive Answering can be an active part of your call management. By outsourcing on call after hours answering services you can be certain all your clients and their messages will be handled appropriately. Message delivery is one of the largest parts of our business because we are committed to satisfying all of our customer’s personalized message delivery needs. We in fact elevate customer care by providing outstanding service after business hours, weekends, and holidays through our message delivery call center.

If you need your messages to be delivered to you instantly we can also accommodate and respond accordingly. If you wish to receive your messages every 30 minutes, hour or day that is also a possibility. Our on call after hours answering services can provide you with a number of ways to deliver your messages. These include:

  • Fax,
  • Pager/Beeper,
  • E-mail,
  • Facebook,
  • Whatsapp,
  • Viber,
  • Skype,
  • SMS,
  • Twitter,
  • Voicemail,
  • Etc.

If there are certain calls you wish to be notified about instantly, we can offer specialized instructions for that. Even if you wish only certain calls from certain numbers be transferred;

Whichever method of message delivery you choose, rest assured, they’ll be handled by a professional, courteous operator. If we transfer a live call to you, the operator need not be on the phone overhearing the conversation. All our practices are secure and confidential – assuring HIPAA Compliance. Call us today and find out how we can accommodate to your message delivery needs.

Secure Patient Messaging For Your Medical Practice

With Responsive as your medical answering service, you can feel confident that your patients’ data (PHI) is secure while offering convenient messaging options for today’s busy lifestyle. 

With our secure patient messaging platform, we support your medical practice with two-way communication, allowing patients to schedule appointments, receive reminders and updates by email and SMS, or access their messages via a secure web portal. Messages are immediately sent and received for fast, collaborative two-way communication. Your patients will appreciate the secure and convenient messaging options before and after their appointments, while waiting for lab results, or for general updates and wellness reminders.

Our remote answering services will keep the lines of communication open with all your customers at any time, even after your business closes. Therefore, with Responsive, you are extending your business hours and through this cost effective service you will be able to sell or service your customer day and night, weekends and holidays. Responsive can be your trusted partner to accelerate the growth of your business and improve customer service levels.