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How Answering Service Is Much More Than Just Customer Service

Customer service departments wear a lot of hats.  At Responsive Answering Service, our customer service department manages dispatches, books appointments, handles customer retention and often answers a variety of questions.   This saves you money and training time.  Using your specific business procedures, our professional answering services staff is highly trained to handle a wide range of calls, regardless of the topic and product. In 2017, they received three Awards of Excellence from The Association of TeleServices International (ATSI).

Using the right professional answering service’s staff of highly trained and skilled agents gives you all the benefits of in-house customer service without the time constraints and the extra staffing cost.

Less Transferring, More Answering

One of the most complicated and consuming events that can happen during a customer service call is a transfer. When a customer calls in to your business to solve a problem and the agent they speak to is not able to provide a first time resolution, they may end up transferring the call to someone who can handle it, and along the way is usually put on hold.  When customers complete surveys following a customer service call, being transferred is often listed as one of the most frustrating parts of the call. With an answering service, you can rest assured that your customers will not need to be transferred around to receive an answer. Our agents are trained to handle a wide range of calls rather than only a specific type.

Keep the Lines Open

For smaller businesses, placing customers on hold is sometimes a necessary evil. The longer a customer is placed on hold, the more frustrated or upset they will become. During higher volume times, your customers can sit on hold for several minutes. Answering Services staff increases during peak call times so there are enough agents to keep the calls handled as they come in, minimizing call abandonment and reducing frustration for your customers.

More than Customer Service

Answering services bring a lot to the table for businesses. Agents are trained to handle calls that include simple requests and actions but also, difficult ones such as complaints or cancellations. Agents can discuss the customer’s needs with them and get to a place where they can troubleshoot the pain points the customer may be experiencing to help them see the benefit in staying with the business rather than cancelling.

Answering services, such as Responsive Answering Service, offer businesses the flexibility needed to maintain a quality relationship with their customers. For more information about Responsive Answering Services strategies for meeting your customer service needs, contact us today.