Our Inbound Call Center Team

Our call answering centers offer both an efficient and productive atmosphere. We have heavily invested in technology to protect the security of our client data and also to provide the most advanced technology oriented services to our customers. We also have created HR programs to ensure the development of skills and knowledge of not only our operators but all our staff. The mission and vision of our company goes beyond the financial results but the ability to create a team environment where we are all responsible for the success of our business and those of our clients.

Our team has created a mission of delivering consistent outstanding customer support. Our technical personnel have the experience necessary to communicate through telephone, pagers, cellphones, two-way radios, video chat, and standard chat. Our technical staff is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week ensuring rapid problem solutions.

We also have developed in-house call center software so that our operators are fully informed about the customer, their requirements and protocols and all becomes immediately available once a call comes in and hits their station call.

Responsive Answering offers a myriad of outsourcing hardware and software including Workforce Management (WFM),Interactive Voice Response (IVR), Softphone Software CTI enabled phone applications, and Customer Satisfaction Research to monitor agent effectiveness.

We also have the responsibility to ensure the well-being of our employees and we make sure to provide ergonomically correct seating, injury prevention training, and spacious workstations to reduce the possibility of repetitive strain.

We are very proud of our employees and are excited about the work environment Responsive has been able to create. In spite of our size and the number of employees we have, we still feel part of a big family. We value integrity, respect, accountability and diversity.

Responsive is a member of:

  • ATSI
  • CamX
  • NAEO