Every Call Is Important

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Regardless of who calls your business, every call is important. You won’t always get the opportunity to call them back if you missed their call or sent them straight to voicemail. We understand that business meetings and other parts of life are as important as that phone call, but at the end of the day,that… Read more »

Organized Call Logs Done Right

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Answering services, call centers, front desks and anyone else that keeps records of call data should keep organized call logs. When someone calls in, it is important to keep a detailed record of the caller’s information. Answering services specifically use call logs to establish reliability in the company’s billing practices. Follow these proven strategies to… Read more »

How a CRM Can Elevate Your Business

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CRM, otherwise known as Customer Relationship Management, is a system used to elevate businesses to the next level. You may have heard the term before or maybe you haven’t. Regardless, you should get familiar with the term ASAP because CRMs are all the hype. At the heart of the system, CRMs are meant to track… Read more »

Improve Answering Service Scripts

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Sometimes people look down upon answering service scripts. The reality is customer service needs to maintain a consistent approach and meet the high expectations of customers. Answering service scripts can help representatives meet those goals. If you have mastered your script in a way so that any of your representatives can follow the guidelines while… Read more »

Call Confirmation Made Easy

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Call confirmation is the key to taking telephone calls and messages. Any high-end virtual receptionist, call center or answering service is equipped with a spelling alphabet. Every representative has this list located at their desk and is familiar with it. Spelling alphabets may seem silly, but in fact they are a vital part of making… Read more »

Why Use a Medical Answering Service?

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Medical Answering Services offer doctors the critical solutions they need in order to assist customers even when the client isn’t in the office. Their profession is demanding and medics find that answering services are a smart solution. Every phone call is important, especially when it’s regarding your health, wouldn’t you agree? 71% of customers end… Read more »

How to Put a Customer on Hold

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Ever wonder how to put a customer on hold? Sometimes it’s unavoidable. If you have to do it, do it right. Use this guide to ensure superior customer service when having to place a client on hold. Get Permission When you take a call and you find that you HAVE to place the caller on… Read more »