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Improve Answering Service Scripts

Sometimes people look down upon answering service scripts. The reality is customer service needs to maintain a consistent approach and meet the high expectations of customers. Answering service scripts can help representatives meet those goals.

If you have mastered your script in a way so that any of your representatives can follow the guidelines while not sounding like a robot, you are in great shape. Your agent is providing the necessary information that he or she needs to convey to the incoming caller and taking down standard caller information in a way that is natural and friendly.

Here are three elements for you to implement when creating your answering service script:

  1. Engagement

    You will want to make your script engaging for answering service agents.  The agent will use and become familiar with something that is easy for them to use. So, you can create a script that uses the following elements: photos, highlights, links and product information.

    If your agent is engaged, then the representative can make sure that the customer has everything that they need as well.

  2. Empathy

    Agents working in answering services need to not only be able to help their client, but to connect and empathize with your client as well.

    By providing a script you can help guide your agent. You can help your agent put their feet in someone else’s shoes. With scripts you caneven provide a procedure that helps the agent analyze the situation and reflect back on what the customer is going through.  Once an agent is able to demonstrate that they care and understand what the client is going through, the customer feels supported and valued.

  3. Personal

    Encourage your agents to make their script personalized in some form. This will add personality and will help the conversation to be natural and flowing. Personalization can be added based on department or team, or even on individual preferences. Set boundaries and monitor calls to make sure that in the end you are hitting all your goals.

By implementing these three easy tips to improve your answering service scripts you will find that you have better customer service results. For further assistance and if you would like an expert answering service to help you generate the best script for yourservices call Responsive Answering Service today!