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Call confirmation is the key to taking telephone calls and messages. Any high-end virtual receptionist, call center or answering service is equipped with a spelling alphabet. Every representative has this list located at their desk and is familiar with it. Spelling alphabets may seem silly, but in fact they are a vital part of making call confirmation easy.

When a client or customer calls in, the agent representing your establishment needs to make sure that they are listening attentively, as well as providing information that is easily understood by the client. For example, a client calls into your medical answering service. They are hard of hearing and they are asking for the date, time and directions for their appointment. If at any time there is a miscommunication and the agent never uses call confirmation, or their spelling alphabet, the medical practice could have a serious mix up.

The perfect way of utilizing a spelling alphabet, (a list of words that are used to clarify letters) is by generating a list with unique words known and used by your faculty and regular callers. This is a list of common words to your region and audience. Creating a spelling alphabet for call confirmation can be fun and exciting. You will want to have words with distinguishing sounds to separate similar-sounding letters.

If you would like an example, you may be similar with the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) alphabet. This is used by military, as well as police radio communication. So take for example, you have “A” for Alpha, “B” for Bravo, “C” as in Charlie and so on. We have provided a copy of the ICAO spelling alphabet so that you can use it as a reference.

call confirmation

By using this spelling alphabet, or by creating your own, you can have top-of-the-line call confirmation. Ask Talk to your answering services representative today to see if you’re using a suited spelling alphabet for your practice. This will elevate your communication and provide excellent customer service!