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Have you ever been faced with the difficulties of an irritated or rude caller? One of the challenges of working with customers on the phone is learning how to navigate the conversation. Of course, handling every call with care is important, but sometimes we need a little help. Here are three tips to handle difficult phone calls and encourage positive outcomes.

  1. Actively listen(suggestion: May want to capitalize the first letter of every word on these points.)
    handle rude callers

    Most people just want to be heard or understood. Actively listen to the caller and figure out what’s bothering them. Show the customer you care about what they are saying and feeling. You can even try to relate and put yourself in their shoes so you can better understand their frustrations. Never use phrases such as “I don’t know,” or “we can’t help,” because the customer will get more frustrated.

  2. Maintain control and keep your cool

    Control yourself and your actions during the conversation. You are a representative of the company and the customer is seeking help from you. So, if at any point in time things go south, don’t hesitate to tell the customer,“I want to help you, and in fact it would be my pleasure.How can we work together to find a solution?” You need to remain professional and remember that this is not personal.

  3. It’s not personal

    The caller isn’t angry with you. They are upset with the company, product, or service and most likely aren’t concerned with your personal feelings. Do your best to resolve the situation without putting yourself in the middle of it. If you cannot help the caller you can always look for another representative who can. You could also ask to contact the customer momentarily. This will allow you and the customer to get some time to cool off and regroup.

After a phone call with a rude customer, remember to always recollect yourself. Take a moment to breathe and get back your positive energy. There are other callers waiting for your assistance.

Here at Responsive we offer professional solutions. We are experienced and understand that all callers need compassion and understanding, even rude and upset callers. Call us today to learn more.