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It’s the little things in life that bring joy to people’s hearts. Answering services in South Florida have found that a little bit of quality customer service can go a long way. Read the following tips for answering services that many agents and receptionists use for positive caller experiences.
tips for answering services

  1. Answer calls with your personal spunk (enthusiasm). Avoid becoming robotic. Smile and greet the caller with, “Good morning/afternoon/evening,” and thank them for calling. Use the business name that you are representing and ask questions such as “How may I assist you this morning?”

  2. Use the caller’s name more than once throughout the conversation. This type of personalization makes the caller feel important, which is a vital feeling to convey over the phone.

  3. Ask the caller a question to set the tone. From there, ask questions to understand why the caller is contacting the business. When you are pulling up data you can ask simple questions such as “How are you?” which can also help build a relationship.

  4. Use enthusiastic phrases such as “my pleasure” or “absolutely” instead of “okay” or “all right.” Remember when your parents taught you dining table etiquette? Re-apply those lessons in these situations. “May I,” instead of “can I,” can make you appear more professional and polite.
    With that said, saying “please” and “thank you” never go out of style. These two words can save a challenging call.

  5. If you need to place a customer on hold, ask them for permission. Assure them you will be back on the line shortly. Make sure that if it is going to be a significant period of time, either ask the caller if it is ok to give them a call back during a time that is convenient for them or offer to check in every so often. Again, try using their name when doing this.

  6. Avoid negative phrases such as “no.” Answering services in South Florida know that keeping the conversation light and focused on positive phrases can significantly help customer satisfaction. For instance, “Mr. Bob stepped out of the office for a moment, but I’d be happy to take a message or transfer you to his line.”

  7. When you do take messages for an associate, never tell the caller that that person will be back right away, unless you are certain he/she will be back at a certain time. Telling the caller that whoever they are trying to reach will be back right away will make the customer think they should receive a return call very soon.

  8. End the call on a positive note. Say goodbye in a friendly manner such as “Have a wonderful day, Sarah!” or “Great to hear from you Sarah, don’t hesitate to contact us again.”

By following these steps answering services in South Florida will improve their (your) brand’s image and convey a client-focus strategy. Customers will dissociate any bad stigma they have with answering services and go into future calls with your company more positively. If you would like to find out more contact Responsive Answering Service today!