Answering Services to the Rescue: Call Overflow

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Call overflow is like driving on the interstate during rush hour. When businesses get calls during peak periods in a day or season, it is nice to have a backup route that can control traffic and avoid messy issues or collisions. Your customers are important, and if overflow is causing you to miss a call,… Read more »

Improve Answering Service Scripts

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Sometimes people look down upon answering service scripts. The reality is customer service needs to maintain a consistent approach and meet the high expectations of customers. Answering service scripts can help representatives meet those goals. If you have mastered your script in a way so that any of your representatives can follow the guidelines while… Read more »

Call Confirmation Made Easy

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Call confirmation is the key to taking telephone calls and messages. Any high-end virtual receptionist, call center or answering service is equipped with a spelling alphabet. Every representative has this list located at their desk and is familiar with it. Spelling alphabets may seem silly, but in fact they are a vital part of making… Read more »

Why Use a Medical Answering Service?

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Medical Answering Services offer doctors the critical solutions they need in order to assist customers even when the client isn’t in the office. Their profession is demanding and medics find that answering services are a smart solution. Every phone call is important, especially when it’s regarding your health, wouldn’t you agree? 71% of customers end… Read more »

How to Put a Customer on Hold

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Ever wonder how to put a customer on hold? Sometimes it’s unavoidable. If you have to do it, do it right. Use this guide to ensure superior customer service when having to place a client on hold. Get Permission When you take a call and you find that you HAVE to place the caller on… Read more »

Call Patching Services

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Call patching is the perfect solution for businesses to continuously as call loads grow on larger scales. Some businesses may even find that a variety of customers need immediate attention that their normal telephone answering services simply cannot provide. With call patching you can optimize customer devotion while implementing a hardy solution. What is Call… Read more »

The Impacts of Being Bilingual

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Language is a leading factor in communication. In the year 2011, the U.S. Census Bureau conducted a survey illustrating that of the 291.5 million people aged 5 and over, 60.6 million people spoke a language other than English at home. It is crucial to be equipped with bilingual employees in order to builda more prepared… Read more »

Professional Phone Skills

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A customer contacts your firm; their first impression of your corporation is typically made by the receptionist or representative. It is their job to uphold a professional appearance throughout the entirety of their job tasks. Answering the phone is just one of the many tasks in which they are assigned to, but it is the… Read more »