Business Telephone Etiquette

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Businesses receive hundreds of calls each year. Business telephone etiquette is essential, as phone conversations are limited in comparison to face-to-face meetings. Believe it or not, business telephone etiquette begins before a phone call takes place and ends after you hang up your phone. Follow these simple guidelines to ensure positive business interactions via the… Read more »

Your Corporate Voice: Handling High-Emotion Service Calls

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Harvard Business Review recently released an article regarding customer emotions and their effects on customer service. How you handle situations relating to major life events, such as birth, illness, death, and safety (also known as high-emotion services), will shape the organization’s outcome. You need to stay calm and collected while using your corporate voice. So… Read more »

How to Put a Customer on Hold

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Ever wonder how to put a customer on hold? Sometimes it’s unavoidable. If you have to do it, do it right. Use this guide to ensure superior customer service when having to place a client on hold. Get Permission When you take a call and you find that you HAVE to place the caller on… Read more »

Professional Phone Skills

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A customer contacts your firm; their first impression of your corporation is typically made by the receptionist or representative. It is their job to uphold a professional appearance throughout the entirety of their job tasks. Answering the phone is just one of the many tasks in which they are assigned to, but it is the… Read more »