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How to Put a Customer on Hold

Ever wonder how to put a customer on hold? Sometimes it’s unavoidable. If you have to do it, do it right. Use this guide to ensure superior customer service when having to place a client on hold.

Get Permission

When you take a call and you find that you HAVE to place the caller on hold you must get the callers’ permission before taking further action.

Take for example you are the live operator that must direct the call to the correct department. You should initially answer the call with a smile and ask the customer if it is OK to put them on a brief hold while you transfer the call.

At any point in time, this procedure does stand true. We recommend that regardless of the situation, a live answer followed by a brief hold is more efficient when handling excess call volumes.

Provide Insight

When the customer is placed on hold this is a great time to place fillers. When done correctly, fillers can provide value to the caller. You can optimize the filler by providing helpful information that is free of charge to the customer. This way the customer remains engaged and as happy as they can be during the hold time.

To optimize the filler we recommend providing answers to common questions, pointers about your company’s experience and simply fun facts. Whatever can keep the customer engaged. Do not use repeated recordings apologizing for the hold time or anything that may disengage the customer.

Note: This is not a time to do sales pitches.


Make sure that the hold is as brief as possible. You have to be considerate; the customer doesn’t want to be listening to the same information and music during the wait. If they have to wait longer than necessary you will just have an annoyed customer.

Consider contacting your local professional answering service today to track and manage calls. They will be able to provide you and your customers a fresh method of communication that has never been more efficient!