Improve Answering Service Scripts

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Sometimes people look down upon answering service scripts. The reality is customer service needs to maintain a consistent approach and meet the high expectations of customers. Answering service scripts can help representatives meet those goals. If you have mastered your script in a way so that any of your representatives can follow the guidelines while… Read more »

Professional Phone Skills

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A customer contacts your firm; their first impression of your corporation is typically made by the receptionist or representative. It is their job to uphold a professional appearance throughout the entirety of their job tasks. Answering the phone is just one of the many tasks in which they are assigned to, but it is the… Read more »

Trends in the Industry: Rising Customer Expectations

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Think about the product or service that you are offering. What matters to your customers when they call? They don’t demand the impossible; they just expect the exceedingly reasonable. Customer expectations are rising and with an outstanding service performance, they can come into equilibrium and be satisfied. Nearly 59% of all customers will test a… Read more »