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When a valued customer contacts your business, you expect the message they left with your call answering staff to be relayed to you correctly. Sometimes, the message doesn’t come across clearly, which can be a hit to your customer satisfaction. Instead of dealing with these misunderstandings and possibly disappointing your client, think about the positive impact a call center can have on your business.

The chances of this happening when you use a professional call center for your business’s call answering services are very slim. Here are some of the steps well-trained call answering staff use to make sure that they get the customers’ messages right and consequently, positively impact customer satisfaction levels.

Tips for Increased Customer Satisfaction

  • Acknowledge the Customer
    Professionally trained call answering staff know that customers need to feel that the staff they are working with understand who they are and appreciate their contact with the company. They also need to feel confident that the person taking their message is engaged in their conversation.
  • Listen Carefully
    When customers find out that they need to leave a message, it may be difficult for them to detail the reason why they are calling. Call answering professionals are well versed in active listening techniques to make certain they are in the best position to understand the proper message that needs to be communicated by asking the right questions or providing useful prompts.
  • Summarize the Message
    After the customers have completed the messages they would like to communicate, trained professional call answering staff repeats the messages they are going to transmit back to the customers to make certain that they have understood them properly and noted all of the relevant details. They also communicate whom they are going to provide the message to as part of this process.
  • Provide the Message to the Proper Recipient
    At the end of all message calls, trained call answering staff should know precisely whom at the company needs to receive the messages – even if customers are not able to tell them. Their training should cover the various scenarios they are likely to encounter from customers who typically leave messages so they can readily route the messages to the proper recipients. This helps meet the customer’s satisfaction without having to ask multiple questions and increase their wait time.
  • Provide the Message as Soon as Possible
    Professional call answering staff know it is crucial to provide messages to their proper recipients as soon as possible after the customers call in order to avoid delays in responding to the caller for optimal customer satisfaction.

Responsive Answering Service Can Help

Responsive Answering Service staffs expertly trained, professional, live representatives to serve as an extension to your established internal team. Your operators will work 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to make sure that you never miss an important call, and that you receive your customers’ messages in a timely manner.

With more than 40 years of providing telephone answering services, we offer bilingual answering capability, virtual receptionist services, call screening and forwarding, and appointment scheduling.

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