Healthcare Answering Service

Are you a doctor starting your own practice? Do you need a secretary to answer your calls after work hours? Do you get calls from your patients in the middle of the night?

Responsive has been providing healthcare answering services for decades! Our medical answering services are tailored specifically for doctors and physicians. Our years of experience have taught us the needs healthcare practitioners have in regards to answering services.

Physicians Answering Service Scripts:

Our physician answering service agents follow answering scripts based on your specifications. You can tell us who to reach in case of an emergency and at what times to do so. We can also send some callers to voicemail or simply take note of what your patients want and deliver them to you by text messages, emails, beeper, or fax.

Operator Supervision:

Our healthcare answering service representatives are constantly exposed to sensitive medical issues and are constantly supervised to ensure they respond appropriately. If their supervisors see it fit, our medical answering service operators reenter training.

Answering Service Privacy:

Responsive Answering is 100% doctor-patient confidential and HIPPA compliant.

We make sure that Doctors/Patient communication is optimized whilst allowing medical practices to reduce their expenses. Our doctor answering services are available 24 hours a day 7 days a week so that you only deal with patients who merit your phone time.

We know the importance of handling medical calls appropriately (i.e. promptly and error free). There is no reason for your patients to get a busy signal or reach an impersonal voice mail message or answering machine. Responsive has ample experience dealing with our medical answering service operators answer live telephone calls for doctors, surgeons, psychologists, counselors, dentists, crisis support services, cancer centers, small medical centers, and large hospitals.
Discover the added benefits that Responsive’s Healthcare Answering Services can provide you with.