As a surgeon or a surgery practice manager, your responsibilities often extend beyond regular working hours. Before, during, and after a surgical procedure, maintaining seamless communication with patients is essential. At Responsive, we understand the unique schedules and demands of surgeons. Offering 24/7 coverage, bilingual agents fluent in English and Spanish, and strict HIPAA compliance, our live answering services allow surgeons to handle larger call volumes and schedule more appointments, achieving growth without sacrificing quality. From orthopedic surgeons handling joint replacements and fracture repairs to neurosurgeons addressing spinal conditions and brain surgeries, our professional answering service ensures immediate assistance for critical patient inquiries. 

Types of Calls We Answer for Surgeons and Surgery Clinics

Our comprehensive answering service is skilled at handling a variety of calls for surgeons and surgery clinics, catering to their unique needs and specialties. Here’s a glimpse into the types of calls we expertly answer and route according to your script and instructions.

  • Appointment scheduling, administrative questions, and general calls
  • After-hours calls
  • Calls about postoperative care
  • Calls about billing and insurance
  • Calls about medication or prescriptions
  • Calls from patients or concerned family members
  • Calls in Spanish or English
  • Calls about test results and follow-up appointments
  • Calls requesting referrals or second opinion

With our experienced team and cutting-edge technology, we allow surgeons and staff to focus on providing exceptional medical care while leaving the telephone communication aspect in capable hands. We route every call according to specific protocols, ensuring urgent matters receive immediate attention, appointments and inquiries are efficiently managed, and patient information is handled with the utmost confidentiality and accuracy.

Round-the-Clock Availability: Answering Surgery Patient Calls 24/7

Whether you need answering service coverage during your staff’s lunch hour, after hours, on holidays, or 24 / 7 / 365, our customized medical answering service has a solution that meets your needs. We understand that surgeries and medical procedures can be emotionally charged experiences, and our trained team ensures that callers receive the information, guidance, and support they need in a compassionate manner.

Bilingual English and Spanish Live Answer Agents Before, During, and After Surgery

As a surgeon, you may serve patients from various backgrounds. Responsive Answering Service provides a team of bilingual agents who are proficient in both English and Spanish. Whether discussing preoperative instructions, postoperative care, or addressing urgent queries from patients or their concerned family members, our bilingual agents facilitate seamless conversations that bridge the potential language gap. Our bilingual answering service fosters a sense of inclusivity and comfort, ensuring that language barriers never hinder the patient’s ability to communicate their needs, or a family member’s ability to inquire about their loved one in the surgeon’s care.

HIPAA Compliant Surgery Answering Service

Our healthcare care answering service representatives are trained to handle sensitive medical issues and customer information according to HIPAA standards as well as special instructions provided by each of our surgery clients. Our professional live operators are supervised and trained to ensure that patient data is handled according to HIPAA rules and regulations. As a surgeon, you know that earning the trust of a patient requires not only exceptional medical expertise but also effective communication, personalized care, and a commitment to their well-being throughout their healthcare journey. With our HIPAA-compliant answering service in your corner, you never need to worry about patient privacy. 

How Responsive Answering Service Can Partner With Your Surgery Clinic:

Responsive Answering Service is dedicated to supporting surgery centers with a custom solution that sets us apart from other medical answering services. Whether it’s providing post-operative guidance, scheduling appointments, or routing urgent messages to the appropriate surgical team member, our service is committed to enhancing patient care and ensuring seamless communication between medical professionals and their patients.

Our services include:

24/7 Live Answering Service, including after-hours, weekends, nights, and holiday coverage

Virtual Receptionist

Call Screening

Appointment Scheduling

Dispatching Services

Message Taking and Delivery

Bilingual English and Spanish Answering Service

Responsive Answering is a privately owned nationwide professional telephone answering and call center service company. We have over 40 years of experience providing live answering and transfer services to our healthcare customers nationwide. With a focus on precision, confidentiality, and personalized attention, Responsive is here to support surgeons in delivering exceptional healthcare experiences.

Contact us today to find out how our commitment to answering calls translates into higher quality of care for our medical clients.