Telephone Dispatch Answering Service

Does your business need dispatching representatives who can process dispatch orders? Responsive’s answering service dispatchers can help you take orders and process them all year round.

We can provide:

  • Product information,
  • Stock availability,
  • Financial processing,
  • Order status,
  • Order tracking,
  • Dispatch management.

If your company has an Order Management System (OMS) we can train our representatives to use it and integrate it to one of our own systems. Our dispatch management representatives can follow sequential processes that may include:

  • Lead capturing,
  • Validating information,
  • Fraud checking,
  • Authorizing Payments,
  • Dispatching,
  • Confirming deliveries.

All our answering service dispatch management centers have the software needed to track shipments. Also, if you only have certain consultants, repairmen, or stores able to serve in specific geographic areas, we can merge your database to our systems so as to tell your customers:

  • How long you or one of your employees will take to arrive from moment of dispatch.
  • How far your store or employee is from their location.
  • If we have any representatives or stores near their location.

All our answering service dispatch representatives need to do is ask your customer for their zip code and input it into our systems. With a click of a button we’ll have all the information come up, relevant to their area.

Our dispatch management call centers are fully equipped and staffed to effectively process your orders and to integrate us to your current dispatching procedures. By outsourcing this part of your business to us, you will cut costs and enhance your dispatch processing thanks to our optimizing know how and 40+ years of experience. Call us today and find out how we can assist you.