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Direct Response and E-commerce

Direct response is a type of marketing that prompts a specific, measured reaction from a consumer to a marketer. It simplifies the delivery of a call to action and outcome via direct or online interaction, for immediate feedback and response, allowing marketers to understand the behavior of their products or services instantaneously. The direct-response marketing instruments are popular both in the consumers’ market and in the market of business-related services.
Responsive Answering Service offers successful direct response strategies, with clear and realistic goal statements to attain estimated sales. Delivery, tracking and analytics software are used throughout the process of direct response marketing to garner solid and accurate results.
We have experience providing service to Direct Response and E-commerce industries, offering a much more sophisticated service rather than just a simple, traditional telephone answering service. Our mechanism involves: entering orders; accessing the clients CRM; providing customer service and sell; cross-selling and up-selling the clients’ products.
Responsive Answering Service offers Contact Centers and Fulfillment services through modern informational technologies introducing direct-response marketing into the new electronic field. In addition, our inbound telemarketing service allows us to provide: Direct Response for TV & Radio, Direct Response for Website, Direct Response for Print Ads and all other media.
On the other hand, we can also support your company’s complete Internet presence for sales, customer service and customer awareness. Our Telephone Service Representatives (TSR) use cutting edge technology to customize and design a script for you, they can instantly place the order or provide superior product support, and track a package at the click of a button to inform the customer of delivery times.
E-commerce solution allows us to control the internet as a powerful distribution channel for your products to your customers. E-Commerce refers to a wide range of business activities supported by electronic devices; using the Internet as a tool for financial transactions; sending information by telefax and e-mail; and enabling transactions with cash dispensers and smart-cards.

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