Welcome to our Michigan answering service, where we are experts at comprehensive phone communication solutions tailored to the unique culture of the Wolverine State. No matter where your business is located in Michigan, whether it’s in one of the state’s largest cities, a rural area, or anywhere in between, we embody the friendly and welcoming Midwestern character in every interaction with your callers.

24/7 Answering Service for Michigan

Our full-service answering solutions include:

24/7 Live Answering Service, including after-hours, weekends, nights, and holiday coverage

Virtual Receptionist

Call Screening

Appointment Scheduling

Dispatching Services

Message Taking and Delivery

Bilingual English and Spanish Answering Service

Partner with our Michigan professional answering service, and you will experience:

  • Local Michigan Expertise: We know Michigan’s welcoming Midwestern culture and the preferences of its residents. Our local answering agents infuse each call with Michigan’s renowned friendliness, creating a polite and welcoming experience for all callers.
  • 24 / 7 Availability: Our round-the-clock availability ensures your business is accessible to customers, whether your staff is on lunch, off for the day, or taking a break. Rest assured, you can rely on our answering agents to uphold your business’s reputation with the same professionalism and diligence as your in-house staff.
  • Bilingual English / Spanish Agents: Our bilingual answering service proves valuable to clients across industries ranging from legal to medical, from property management to funeral homes. 
  • Custom Call Answering Solutions: No two Michigan businesses are alike, and we gladly personalize our services based on your needs. Whether it’s call routing, appointment scheduling, or any of our other services, we will customize our offering to align with your business protocols.

Our mission is to pitch in to the success of your business by providing exceptional customer experiences that reflect the spirit of Michigan.

Industries We Answer For

Responsive Answering Service is available to support businesses across Michigan’s key industries, including:

  • Medical: We handle medical inquiries, appointment scheduling, and urgent calls, so that your patients receive prompt assistance and attention. Our HIPAA-compliant medical answering services are created specifically for doctors and physicians. 
  • Legal: For law firms, we offer call screening, legal intake, lead qualification, mass torts, and appointment scheduling services, ensuring that clients receive prompt and professional assistance even when your staff is on another call, in court, in training or assisting other clients.
  • Real Estate: We support real estate professionals by handling property inquiries, appointment scheduling, and providing information to potential buyers and sellers. 
  • Property Management: Day or night, we take care of incoming property management calls, because we know how important tenant satisfaction is. Imagine a tenant facing a sudden plumbing issue flooding their apartment late in the evening. In such urgent situations, our live answering agents specializing in property management are on standby, ready to offer immediate assistance.
  • HVAC: Responsive Answering Service ensures your Michigan HVAC business remains accessible 24/7. Capture emergency service requests and potential leads, even beyond your typical business hours, so that you’re always there when your clients need you most.
  • Plumbing: At any given moment, plumbing emergencies can arise, even during evenings, weekends, or holidays. While you’re busy on a job site, rest assured that every client who dials your number receives the dedicated attention they deserve.
  • Construction and Contractors
  • We’re here to make sure your construction clients get the attention they deserve, even when your team is in the thick of a bustling construction project or juggling other tasks.
  • Funeral Homes: We understand the sensitive nature of the funeral industry. Our 24/7 funeral home answering services are dedicated to offering comfort and empathy to callers in their time of need.
  • Travel & Hospitality: Our answering agents are here to assist and provide support for your customers at every stage of their journey, be it before, during, or after their trip. From handling reservations to offering tour information and addressing travel emergencies, our dedication is to ensure travelers have a seamless and enjoyable experience throughout their journey.
  • Financial: Financial matters need to be handled with utmost confidentiality. You can rest assured that our live agents adhere to strict privacy and compliance regulations when answering calls on behalf of your firm. Your callers’ experience is our top “investment.”
  • Government: We are experienced at providing telephone answering services to local, state and federal government agencies 24 / 7. This level of accessibility enhances public service and responsiveness. 
  • Energy & Utility: When your customers call in with billing inquiries, outage reports, or service requests, our answering service helps maintain customer satisfaction by answering each call promptly and courteously.
  • Transportation: Responsive is an expert at answering calls for the transportation business, from limos to car rentals and everything in between. We ensure your company keeps its focus on the road while we handle the phones. Your business can steer clear of call-related distractions!
  • Charity & Non-Profits: Our mission is to empower nonprofit organizations to effectively engage with their supporters. We help charities and nonprofits foster strong ties with supporters, ensuring goodwill and maximizing fundraising efforts. 

Michigan Area Codes We Answer For 

No matter which part of Michigan your business is located in, our dedicated live agents are well-versed in the unique requirements of your industry. Whether you manage a law office in Detroit or an orthodontist office in Ann Arbor, our answering service is ready to meet your needs.

231: Serving areas in the northwestern part of the Lower Peninsula, including Traverse City and Muskegon.

248 and 947: Covering portions of the Detroit metropolitan area, including Oakland County.

269: Serving southwestern Michigan, including Kalamazoo and Battle Creek.

313: Covering the city of Detroit and its immediate vicinity.

517: Serving central Michigan, including Lansing, Jackson, and parts of the Upper Peninsula.

586: Covering parts of the Detroit metropolitan area, including Macomb County.

616: Serving western Michigan, including Grand Rapids.

734: Covering parts of southeastern Michigan, including Ann Arbor and Ypsilanti.

810: Serving areas in southeastern Michigan, including Flint and Port Huron.

906: Covering the entire Upper Peninsula of Michigan.

947: Overlay code for 248, serving the same areas in the Detroit metropolitan region.

989: Serving central and northern Michigan, including Saginaw and Midland.

Local Michigan Expertise, Nationwide Reach

Responsive Answering is a privately owned company that provides professional telephone answering and call center services on a nationwide scale. While our reputation in Michigan is strong, our services span across the nation. What sets us apart from other Michigan-based answering service providers is our unique blend of local expertise and extensive national coverage.

Some of our call answering statistics include:

  • 24/7 availability (including weekends and holidays),
  • Trained professionals who specialize in our clients’ range of business categories,
  • Versatility to customize our accounts,
  • Our average pickup is on the second ring,
  • Our average queue time is 20 seconds,
  • Our average talk time is around one minute,
  • We effectively manage and route thousands of calls a day.
  • We take pride in offering one of the most enjoyable work environments. At Responsive our operators are the most important asset. Additionally, we have equipped our centers with state of the art technology and keep investing in upgrades to system hardware and software.

Michigan Cities We Answer Calls For

We proudly answer calls for businesses throughout the state of Michigan, including:

Detroit, MI

Lansing, MI

Grand Rapids, MI