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Disaster Recovery Services

In the event of a disaster – would your business be able to ensure its continuity? If your offices had to temporarily close, who would inform your employees or reach out to customers? Do you have a disaster recovery plan? The best time to answer these questions is long before a natural disaster has an opportunity to affect your business. In the face of a disaster, as on any other day, you will want to ensure your customers received top-notch service.

There is a wide range of disasters that could hit your area, forcing you to shut your doors temporarily to manage repairs or handle your family affairs. Tornadoes, hurricanes, a flood, or even a blizzard can cause a power outage that can affect phone lines for hours, or even days, at a time making you unreachable by your clients. An answering service can help take care of these concerns and a lot of other problems you may face in the event of a natural disaster and in the days following while you are in disaster recovery mode.

Operational Services Remain Online Regardless of What Happens in Your Area

When you are working with an award-winning answering service, Responsive Answering Service, managing your calls, you can rest assured that even if phone lines are out due to a storm in your area, your calls will still be handled promptly and professionally. Regardless of what is going on, we will be ready and able to assist your business and its clients so you are able to focus on disaster recovery.

Your customers may be reaching out to you for many reasons, to follow-up on orders or appointments, to see if your business is still open, or to discuss their accounts. With the assistance of an answering service, your business will experience no down time and will maintain business as usual.

There is something to be said for having a partner you can trust, such as Responsive Answering Service, to get the job done.

Maintain the Relationship

When a disaster strikes, your customers may be concerned that your business will close and may contact you to ask about your business. Being available 24/7 to answer their questions, calm their concerns, and provide updates about your business can do wonders to maintain their relationship with your business.

Not all businesses have a plan in place in the event of a natural disaster, but your business needs one because disaster recovery solutions can make or break your relationship with your customers. An answering service can save you from losing customers or business during the aftermath of a natural disaster.

Call us today to discuss getting your business disaster ready by partnering with Responsive Answering Service.