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Business Operations 101 with Answering Service Solutions

Businesses are driven by the customers who purchase their products and/or services. A strong, reliable customer service team is vital to ensure every customer feels valued. However, when the number of calls outnumber the number of staff available to answer them, these calls are inevitably missed and so is the potential business they could bring. Through an answering service, you can be sure that every call is not only answered, but recorded, segmented and ranked by level of importance.

With an answering service on your side, you have an extended team working toward your business goals. Allowing call representatives to help manage some business operations lighten your load and allows for greater attention and care to the overall growth of your business. Providing a myriad of services, 24/7 live operators at an answering service, are trained to not only answer calls but to ensure the customer’s need is met.

  1. 1. Call recording

    Launching a new campaign means preparing your business for an increase in the amount of calls inquiring about products or services. Whether it is a promotion, a new launch or a new store opening, you want your business to be available to answer questions 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. An answering service records every call made so that you do not miss any details.

  2. 2. Segment calls

    Answering every call is important, but answering services can provide many other benefits beyond picking up the phone. Understanding your business and the kinds of calls received is essential when evaluating the results of a campaign. In addition, it is important to know which calls are questions, new business or concerns. An answering service will not only record every call received but can also segment them into categories for you.

  3. 3. Rank calls

    Once all calls are answered, recorded and segmented, they can be ranked by importance. The answering service will inform you and your team of which calls should be returned first, and which ones can likely wait.

Running a business requires adequate staffing that some companies cannot obtain. Therefore, allowing an answering service to record your calls, segment them and then rank them is an ideal way to ensure you don’t forget to respond to a customer’s inquiry. Growing your business means providing strong customer service to satisfy each customer. Responsive Answering Service is available to partner with your business to help you make the most of every call. Contact us today to discuss the ways we can help your business grow.