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5 Things Every Legal Office Needs in an Answering Service

Legal offices are fast paced businesses with a constant inflow of inbound calls. There are several ways in which a legal office can benefit from the services provided by an experienced answering service. Legal offices are faced with a daily influx of calls such as clients requesting additional information or updates on legal matters, court dates that need to be scheduled and rescheduled, and other law firms calling to schedule meetings or request copies of documents. These are only a few tasks that take place in the day to day operations of a legal firm.

There are several elements that highlight the importance of an answering service for a legal office: specialization, flexibility, understanding, bilingual capability, and promptness.

Let’s take a look at the 5 things every legal office needs in an Answering Service

  • • Specialization

    An answering service does not just offer professional and polite interactions with your client or potential client. It offers competent agents who can help and potentially increase the number of clients. Their main goal is to create a strong and trustworthy bond between your legal office and the client.

    Having a trained agent answering the call will ensure that clients promptly receive the information they need. Therefore, it is important to have specialized agents who will handle your calls.

  • • Flexibility

    If your legal office is receiving more calls than it can handle, an Answering Service helps you cope with larger call volumes. Regardless of your schedule or procedures, this service can adapt to everything. You simply have to create the call flow to your specifications and the agents will follow it on every call.

  • • Understanding

    The chance of gaining a new client starts with the very first call to your office. It is important for you to extend and promote your business. To ensure that your clients are satisfied and pleased with your services, their call should be handled by a specialist. Trained agents know how to express just enough empathy on each to demonstrate to the caller they fully understand their concerns and needs.

    A professional answering service is designed to help you maximize your profit, and reduce overhead costs.

  • • Bilingual Capability

    Some legal offices have clients who speak other languages as well, not just English. To increase the number of clients, it is important to listen to every caller. Professional agents should always be ready to handle every call in every language needed. You can use a selection system for clients to select their preferred language and then be transferred to those specific language speakers. By making the process easier for the caller, you can ensure higher customer satisfaction.

  • • Promptness

    We believe that a missed call is a missed opportunity for a new client. When the calls start to stack up in the queue, an answering service will be ready to handle all of them in a timely manner, so that no call is lost while on queue.

    It can be very frustrating to place a call and wait on hold for extended periods of time due to high call volumes. This is why a team of specialists can ensure that they answer the call fast, identifying the reason for the call, and providing the solution within a short time. This guarantees that the next call will be attended in a timely manner as well.

A professional legal office needs to consider all of these elements when selecting an answering service to partner with. If your law firm is not currently partnered with an answering service, it may be time to consider one in order to optimize the experience for every one of your clients.

Responsive Answering Service has years of experience in the legal field, as we have partnered successfully with both large and small legal offices. Great customer service is the key to success for any business and we are ready to help your firm succeed. Call us today for a quote!