Real Estate Answering Service

If you’re working in the real estate industry, you’re probably searching for ways to cut back on costs and to improve your bottom line. Our real estate answering service may be one of the solutions you’ve been seeking to find.

Responsive Answering is able to schedule property showings and record realtor and client feedback for you after your showings. Our telephone answering service helps you maintain a top notch professional image by having an entire answering service team work for you 24/7.

Our professional answering service for realtors includes both inbound and outbound calls. We can receive your incoming calls to inform your callers about:

  • properties you have for sale (MLS listings),
  • RSVP for open houses,
  • schedule visits,
  • provide driving directions.

We can also call your client base to notify them about open houses, or a recent price reduction on property they were interested in. Most importantly, our call answering service provides you with phone coverage when you’re too busy or unable to take calls.

If you’re showcasing a property to prospective buyers, you really can’t be interrupted to take a call. Other times, you may find yourself driving customers to a new site and can’t take a call to negotiate a bid in front of them. You could lose a lot of money and yet turning down calls will also likely cause you to lose a potential sale. Responsive’s answering service understands the industry’s needs and provides you with solutions tailored for realtors.

If a customer is trying to get a hold of you, our real estate answering service operators can tell them why you’re not answering their calls. This way they’ll understand you, and have peace of mind, rather than grow resentful towards you. We are also able to gather your client’s exact requests for call backs and call them until we reach them and transfer the call to you. With our realtor professional answering service, no call goes unanswered!