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Answering every client and potential client call is more important than ever before in the highly competitive legal industry business landscape. The number of virtual meetings and vitally important calls have increased during this pandemic, and clients are highly reluctant to leave voicemail messages about their legal affairs. To make sure that all client calls are answered and handled with care 24/7, 365 days a year, legal industry businesses of all sizes turn to answering services that are very experienced in working with law firms.

Responsive Answering Service has been the trusted choice of legal industry professionals for years because we understand the unique needs of law firms. Our agents are selected to work with law firms based on their educational backgrounds and tested ability to engage professionally with law firm clients.

Responsive Telephone Answering Service makes sure that you receive all the benefits we offer for your law office.

  • Your Calls are Answered by Professionals Trained in Bar Association Rules and Other Regulations that Pertain to the Legal Industry – You have peace of mind knowing that your calls are being answered by professionals with a deep understanding of your firm and the bar association rules and other regulations that apply to it.
  • Your Calls are Answered Precisely as You Specify – Your answering service professionals act as seamless extensions of your staff, working from scripts and protocols that you help create and approve.
  • You Receive Important Information from Incoming Calls – Our operators engage with your law firm’s customers and potential customers to understand their needs. Our agents transfer and/or notify the right professionals within your organization as soon as the call is received.
  • Your Customer Service Exceeds Industry Standards – Our high standards for training of our operators ensures that our agents deliver a superb customer service experience to each of your callers resulting in client satisfaction and retention.
  • Important Call Metrics are Delivered Regularly – Our team will provide detailed call metrics reporting at time intervals you set (i.e., end of day, twice per day, etc.).
  • Save Money – A live answering service means your legal industry business saves money by not having to set up your own call center, hire and train employees, and more.
  • You Save Time – With Responsive live answering services, you and your staff have more time to focus on your legal industry business, rather than answering basic phone calls.
  • You Never Miss a Call – In today’s competitive legal business landscape, missing even one call can be a critical lost opportunity. With our live answering services, you will never miss a call and maximize the potential of each call.

Responsive Answering Service is the Trusted Choice of Legal Industry Professionals

Law firms and others in the legal industry have been relying on the professionals at Responsive Answering Service for over 40 years. We are dedicated to exceeding the industry’s most demanding requirements and are always fully compliant with bar rules and other regulations for the legal industry. Live operators are available all day and night to handle your firm’s calls the same way you would, so you do not have to rely on answering machines or automated systems. Our state-of-the-art equipment and dedicated agents allow us to make sure you never miss calls again. Contact us to find out more about how we can help you with legal answering services.