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Answering Service Metrics That Matter

Everything that a business does needs to be measured in order to determine whether or not it was successful. Whether you are running an ad campaign or launching a new product, you have to analyze everything that happens in order to decide if you need to step back and change your strategy or move forward with your current plan.

Measuring success for most campaigns is fairly simple. For example, you may mark success as a completed sale, a submitted form, or a customer calling for additional information. Just as a company measures the success of a campaign, a company can measure the success of their answering service’s activities, which can be just as important as tracking converted customers.

It is important to understand the value of tracking the details of each and every call; an answering service can do this on your behalf. If you partner with an answering service, they can help you understand key aspects of your company’s customer service operation and customer interaction by following these answering service metrics:

  • • Average Length of the Call
    Depending on the nature of the call, each customer may require a different amount of dedicated handle time. It is important to conduct call tracking, and to look at the average length of calls agents take for a wide variety of reasons. If handle time can be reduced, we will discuss and provide any agents who may need assistance with additional training as we want to be sure callers get the information they need efficiently. It may be determined that some of the problems your customers are experiencing require an additional training to that of the routine coaching time. Or, we may end up pinpointing a customer pain point that your team was not aware of and then we can work with you and your team to help find a solution.
  • • First Call Resolutions
    One way to measure your success is by measuring how often you’re able to solve problems on the first call as opposed to having the customer call again in the hopes that another agent will answer. A high first call resolution means that agents are properly trained and are providing an optimal customer experience the first time a caller gets on the line.
  • • Resolution and Customer Satisfaction Scores
    Collecting customer satisfaction scores is also very important because we can look for patterns based on low scores, or even high scores, as a way to learn how to optimize and improve customer service.

Measuring an answering service’s success is just as important as tracking the number of sales or leads a campaign drives. If your current answering service is not providing you with this valuable analysis on your inbound calls, your company could be missing out on key customer insights and information that may influence many aspects of your operation. At Responsive Answering Service, we continuously aim to give your customers the best experience and we measure and analyze our success as well. Call us today to discuss partnering with Responsive Answering Service.